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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Village Health Market

Between belly dance and Burlesque* last week, I stumbled upon the Village Health Market in downtown Tampa and instantly fell in love with its cuteness. (Don't let their poor choice of signage font mislead you!)

As soon as I walked in the door, I walked right into their large marked-down section, which had a little bit of everything: food, beverages, hygiene items, baby products, cleaning items, etc. I appreciate a good deal, and I especially appreciate that this place didn't make me hunt them down.

Village Health Market is bigger than I assumed it was judging by its outside appearance. The further I walked into the store, the more labyrinthine it became. I kept hoping I'd round a corner and bump into David Bowie in those infamous snug pants, but luck was not on my side this time. (Click that link at your own risk!)

Village Health Market has a cute little cafe toward the back of the store. The man behind the counter felt uncertain about whether it was allowed for me to take pictures of the cases, so I only have a picture of my own plate to share with you. Everything that was vegan was clearly labeled, and there was actually an entire vegan case (though I'm not sure if that's always the case - ha! case! - but it was on this night). There were a couple of vegan cookies and muffins, loads of veg*n dishes, and a smoothie/juice bar, as well.

After lingering over all of the options for awhile, I went with the roasted veggies and the sweet potato moussaka.

The food was delicious and flavorful, even though it was chilled. (There was a microwave in the sitting area, but I'm kind of anti-microwave and opted out of that option.)

Every layer of that sweet potato moussaka was delicious, especially the sundried tomato layer. The roasted veggies were perfectly crisp and spiced, just how I like it.

I look forward to taking advantage of Village Health Market again the next time I'm in the downtown area.

* FYI - I thought Burlesque would be one of those so-bad-it's-good movies (like Showgirls, for instance), but it's just straight-up bad.

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  1. This looks like a great find. Thanks for the heads-up on Burlesque, too, I was considering catching it at the 2nd run theater after I saw Christina on a talk show. I'll probably save my $3.