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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Drifting Away at the Driftwood Beach

When someone says to you, "Oh, you've GOT to check out the driftwood beach! It's awesome! It's FULL of GIANT driftwood!" does that excite you? I admit, when I was told those very words, I just smiled and shrugged and said, "Sure!" Because quite frankly, that's the approach I tend to have about most things in life, especially when I hear there is an element of excitement and beauty. (But that's silly to say, because EVERYTHING has an element of beauty and excitement.)

The driftwood beach is part of Jekyll Island, which is about 20-ish minutes from the hostel. Jekyll Island itself is kind of "meh" -- there's golf, classy-ish restaurants, little shops, touristy stuff, etc. But the driftwood beach definitely steals the show. After walking through some trees along a dirt path, the beauty of this place sneaks up on you, slaps you in the face as soon as you step onto the sand.

This is some Tim Burton-esque stuff right here, folks. Well, with more sunshine. (That Tim Burton, he's so GLOOMY!)

So listen, guys! There's this AWESOME beach that is FULL of GIANT driftwood!...

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