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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Meeting Darlynn's Darlins

A couple of Saturdays ago, a group of volunteers and I spent the afternoon at Darlynn's Darlins, a pig sanctuary in Polk City. We had such an amazing time at this amazing place. Darlynn, the founder of the sanctuary, is quite a lady! She has devoted so much time and energy and love to these beautiful animals. Running a non-profit animal sanctuary is no small feat, and she is always in need of funding and hands-on help, but despite all of the hurdles she jumps on a daily basis, she has a great sense of humor and nothing but love love love for these animals.

After a tour of the grounds, our group set to work on raking, poop shoveling, bowl cleaning, and fence repairing. I also gave Darlynn a Facebook 101 lesson. After our lunch break, a few of us went around and fed apples, bananas, and tomatoes to the pigs, which they LOVED.

Please check out Darlynn's website HERE and "like" what she's doing on Facebook. Every little bit of support would be so greatly appreciated. If you are looking for an animal sanctuary to donate to this holiday season, please consider Darlynn's Darlins.

You can expect to see more from DD's on this blog in the near future!

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