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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

June 2012 Vegan Swap Reveal

Holy guacamole, I did it again: waited too darn long to update this blog. I've actually had a pretty big, honest blog post on my mind grapes, but that's not happening today.

Today I'm going to FINALLY post about the goodies I received from Adriana from Vegan Corner, via The Verdant Life's vegan package swap!

Shiny, happy goodies (holding hands?)

These bars were chewy-tastic, like bars of nougat!

This cactus jerky was interesting! I loved its salty, smoky flavor, and it wasn't as tough as, say, Stonewall's Jerquee. Still, jerky is TOUGH. Is that why they call it jerky? Because you look like a jerk(y) when you're eating it?

I love little snacks like these because they're perfect for taking along with me to work. Just toss it in my bag and go.

Apple chips (yum!), agar agar (gotta do something fun with that! Adriana's flan, perhaps?), and more random teas for my tea stash. I love having a wide variety of teas on hand.

Thank you, Adriana!

**The Vegan Corner currently has an indiegogo fundraiser happening. They're trying to create the ultimate, worldwide vegan guide. Check it out HERE.**

I took July off from online swaps, but I'm back in swapping action in August. Hopefully it won't take me as long to post my goodies. Life, man, I'm tellin' ya!


  1. what a fun box of goodies! i love mrs. mays! they're SO addicting! if i'm not careful, I can eat the whole bag!haha

  2. would you be interested in a swap from Rome? ;-)