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Thursday, July 11, 2013

What's Vegan at... Tropical Smoothie Cafe?

By now, many people have heard that Tropical Smoothie Cafe now carries Beyond Meat, a gluten-free and vegan chicken alternative. This is huge news and a win for vegans and chickens everywhere! But now, what ELSE is vegan at Tropical Smoothie? (Other than the non-dairy smoothies, of course.) Well, Compassion Over Killing compiled this list of what's vegan, making it easier for anyone to stop in and get a Beyond Meat wrap or salad, without any other cruelty.

What's Vegan at Tropical Smoothie Cafe:

Vegan Breads: flour tortilla; garlic tortilla; ciabatta; flatbread (Note that 9-grain wheat is NOT vegan, as it contains honey.)

Vegan Sauces/Toppings: Thai peanut dressing; jerk sauce; Buffalo sauce; guacamole; hummus; salsa; Southwest rice; wontons

Suggested Vegan Items with Beyond Meat: Buffalo chicken wrap (without cheese); Thai chicken wrap; Southwest chicken wrap (without ranch); hummus veggie (without pepper jack; doesn’t normally have meat, so add Beyond Meat at an extra cost); turkey guacamole sandwich, subbing ciabatta for 9-grain wheat; Baja chicken flatbread (without cheese and ranch); Caribbean luau (without cheese)

Or build your own out of vegan ingredients.

Have you tried Beyond Meat at Tropical Smoothie Cafe yet?


  1. YAY! More vegans in Tampa! Welcome, welcome, welcome! Be sure to like the Veg Tampa Bay page on Facebook to keep up with all the vegan happenings around here. I help out with that page and we'll be launching a blog soon, so that's where I'll be for awhile since I'm not really traveling these days.

  2. I love that places like Tropical Smoothie Cafe have more vegan options!! Although, I'm not a huge fan of Beyond Meat - it's a little too real for me. It has gotten my boyfriend to eat way less meat though, which is fantastic. What do you guys think of it?

  3. Thanks so much for this. I've been contacting them for months - ever since they came out with the news that they were using Beyond Meat - asking them what sauces were vegan friendly, what breads were- and nobody at the company would ever answer me for some reason!

    We're a couple of vegans with an 8 year old daughter, set to move up that way from Palm Beach County within the year (maybe sooner than later) and I'd love to talk to you about the vegan community up there. Feel free to visit my blog and please contact me. I'd love to chat!

  4. Doesn't the hummus veggie also come with a southwest ranch sauce? I've been unable to find ingredients on the sauce, but common sense tells me it's probably not vegan :(

  5. Sadly I found out they add the ranch to the buffalo wrap, after I had already ate the majority of it.... This article needs to be updated because it doesn't mention the ranch sauce on the buffalo or hummus if it is on the hummus, because the ranch sauce is not vegan and I'm feeling so disgusting now.

  6. Bug tip for all my fellow vegans out there, always check your order and always repeat yourself to these people because sometimes they are tired and don't hear everything especially in a loud area. I've worked in a fast food restaurant and trust me, it's better for us and the consumer to repeat themselves and get what they want then for the consumer to get a mistake