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Monday, February 22, 2010

Food Fa Life

And let's not forget the food!

I feel that as a vegan, it comes with the territory to be obsessed with food. I love food! Many (non-vegan) people think of a vegan diet as so limited, so bland, so boring. Gosh, they just don't know! Being vegan is a huge part of my life, and food and cooking is one of my great passions (right along with traveling and helping others).

Since I just wrapped up my intro/Jamaica post, I should squeeze in a picture of the best meal of the (short) trip: a full plate of vegan goodness from Food Fa Life, a Rastafarian restaurant up the road from our resort, in Salem, Jamaica.

This is the vegetable "sip" we were served as an appetizer. The woman running Food Fa Life explained that vegetarian soups are called "sip" to differentiate them from meat-based "soups."

Food Fa Life is just a small restaurant, about the size of a mobile home in America. There's a small kitchenette and the small stove had several pots sitting on top. The woman gave us a scoop from each pot. I wish I could remember the names of some of these foods, but basically what you're looking at is: rice and "peas" (like what we would typically call red beans and rice), stewed vegetables with "veggie chunks" (think TVP), cabbage and spicy tofu, two different root vegetables (the grey chunk and the yellow chunk), and a whole wheat biscuit, designed to be eaten with the other foods, not on its own. The woman sat with us and our local friends and we had a lovely chat about politics, religion, diversity and acceptance... We had so much in common!

If you ever find yourself in the Runaway Bay or Ocho Rios area of Jamaica, be sure to make a stop at Food Fa Life in Salem.

Vegan food will be another big part of this blog. I will include foods I prepare at home as well as foods on the road. There's so much amazing, vegan food out there. I can't wait to taste it all!

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