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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thanks to infrequent work hours, a struggling job market, and Netflix's Watch Instantly feature, I'm hooked on No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain. Anthony Bourdain is a difficult-to-like person. He doesn't have the warmest personality, he's extremely sarcastic, and hates vegans with a fiery passion. Still, I like his show because it shows so many parts of the world that I'm dying to visit and Anthony isn't afraid to get dirty, he prefers the unbeaten path, and he always interacts with the locals, which is my kind of traveling. Since my pockets are empty, this is as close to traveling as I'll get for awhile.

After awhile, he's grown on me. Sometimes his sarcasm is amusing, and I can easily get past the cheesy jokes and overabundance of meat products. I've come to like him, while fully realizing that he's kind of a jerk. This is why I find this clip so hilarious:

In a recent episode of No Reservations in India, Anthony did not hide his impatience with rowdy children. And now he's a guest star on Yo Gabba Gabba, surely one of the top most annoying children's shows on air today?! THIS CRACKS ME UP! In the YGG clip above, you can his clumsiness with "Tootie," and I'm just waiting for Anthony to get exasperated with the maniacal singing and pull out of a cigarette and some curse words.


  1. doctors make me angry.

    but also, i like anthony bourdain,
    and he's gotta put all that succulent food on his table somehow i guess. lol

  2. He hasn't grown on me yet, but my friend LOVES him and is trying to get me to watch all of his shows so that I will love him too.