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Friday, March 5, 2010

Missed the Boat/Train/Bus/Plane...

When I received an email from VegNews, offering an all-vegan tour of India in October, my heart jumped. I immediately forwarded the information to a vegan friend, asking, "Do you want to go to India with me this year?" Of course, she was interested, but we both needed a couple weeks before we could make the deposits and start making reservations. Sadly, before that time came, the tour sold out. It's probably just as well because I would have had to sell an organ or two to afford the $2,000+ travel expenses. It would have been worth it, though, as long as I had recovered fully.

Even though the trip is sold out, there is a waiting list, though I won't be adding my name to it. You should still check out the itinerary; it's drool-inducing.

Now that the rush from that has quickly died, my friend and I are going to plan a different, less expensive trip to take in the future, so that gives me something to dream about for now.

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