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Monday, March 14, 2011

Kaleisia Tea Lounge: It's Boba-licious!

There are a few different places to get bubble tea in Tampa, and so far, Kaleisia Tea Lounge is my favorite. They have an excellent selection of teas, all brewed and sweetened to your liking, as well as smoothies (soy milk available). They also have a small, all-vegan menu. Add to that some comfy couches and board games and what more do you need?! I recently recruited a few hungry vegan friends to meet up at Kaleisia to drink tea, scarf vegan food, and talk and laugh way too loudly.

Iced hibiscus tea with boba in an old glass jar? Why, YES PLEASE!

I highly recommend the taro smoothie with boba (purple one on the left)

Asian Noodles with perfect tofu

Avocado Wrap

Pumpkin Coconut Soup - creamy and comforting

Hummus - a classic

Spring Rolls - simply delicious

The only menu items NOT ordered that night were the edamame and the cranberry-walnut salad. Everything we ordered was pretty great, though, with the Asian Noodles and Pumpkin Coconut Soup being the unanimous favorites. Another great thing about Kaleisia is that all of their delicious drinks and food items are reasonably priced.

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