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Monday, September 19, 2011

Classy Ladies' Working Lunch

I've been a busy bee, folks. I miss blogging so much, but there have been a few reasons for my absence lately.

1. I moved a couple of months ago and don't have internet in the new place.
2. I've been busy working on some big projects, some of which you'll learn more about soon, but one of them is...
3. helping to plan the 2nd Annual Tampa Bay Veg Fest!

In preparing for Veg Fest, I have had my hands in a few different pots. (Is that how the saying goes? Meh, you know what I mean.) My good friend, Lisa, has been bustin' her arse in getting things in gear for this festival, especially in the realm of "public relations." Honestly, I don't know how she still has hair on her head, or how her head is even still ATTACHED. To mix things up a bit for us both, one Saturday afternoon, we got together at Kaleisia Tea Lounge (best tea lounge in Tampa!) and had ourselves a Classy Ladies' Working Lunch.

Lisa's lappy is on the left, my stickered, 80-pound monstrosity is on the right, and we ordered a carafe of Thai iced tea (with soy milk), sitting in-between us. (Carafes are only $5.50!) The Thai tea fueled us through our semi-productive working lunch.
It's easy to get distracted by food, though. Such as this (new!) vegan Earl Grey cookie.
Peppery and chewy -- a fun little treat, followed by the oh so good spring rolls.

So yeah, between food and playing catch-up, we managed to get a little work done. Right now, I can just say that a LOT of time and hard work and effort has gone into Veg Fest and I am very excited about the event.

Are you attending the Tampa Bay Veg Fest? Is there a veg*n festival in your town?

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  1. Those spring rolls look delicious. Good luck with the veg fest planning, there's a veg fest in Brighton every year & it's always a day of fitting in as much food as possible!