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Friday, September 14, 2012

Linky Dinks

Well, hello there! Surprised to see a post from yours truly, I'm sure. To be honest, folks, I've lost my writing mojo lately. Well, I lost the mojo awhile ago, actually, and then life decided to serve me up a big ol' mess of new challenges to overcome. (Thanks, universe!) It's okay, it's okay... Doors are shutting, doors are opening, I'm climbing out of windows... I GOT THIS. It's time for some freshness in my life, some sassy sweet changes. Changes are coming to the blog, too, but I can't reveal too much of that just yet. It's still gonna be a little quiet around here* for a little while, but goodness is a-comin'. In many ways. Always. For all of us. Ya know?

In the meantime, here are some cool links I've read 'round the Interwebulars lately. Enjoy!

The Vegan Butcher guest posted on Fat Gay Vegan about her vegan in-flight meal on Air Canada. Tofu scramble in the sky?! Yes, please!

If you're planning a vegan wedding (soon or, you know, in your dreams), check out Rose Pedals Vegan Weddings. Heaps of great ideas there! (Speaking of weddings, I can't wait to read Amber Shea CRAWLEY's full recap of HER vegan wedding! CONGRATS, AMBER!)

O' Canada! Yummy vegan treats from Canadaland.

This song is required listening on my next road trip. Doesn't it pull your soul toward the road? Or is it just me? I think it's the "ooh, ooh, ooh!" part.

via Our Hen House: How to be vegan at Walt Disney World.

Well, son of a Bea Arthur. Did you know you can turn in the proofs of purchase on Amy's products for swag?! I wish I had found this link sooner. I'd have every PIECE of that swag by now!

Ashlee Piper from wrote this sweet post on how to stay easy, breezy, beautifully vegan while traveling for work.

No joke: growing up, Fran Fine (the star character of the STELLAR TV show, "The Nanny," played by Fran Drescher) was my role model. My heart SANG (in my best mock-nasally voice) when I heard that she is now eating gluten-free AND vegan!

* But no matter how quiet it gets on the blog, the Hungry Vegan Traveler Facebook page continues to be active. Check it!