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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back Blogged // Boredom Busters

I had a wonderful time in Florida for my dearest friend, Kate's wedding. We were pretty busy (understandably) the whole time, which means I didn't get a chance to photograph every wonderful (and not-so-wonderful) meal I had while in the Sunshine State, but I do have some delicious photos to share. Bring on the back-blogging!


Before embarking on a journey, especially by plane, I try to bring along plenty of things to keep myself occupied. Being bored on a plane makes the flight go by excruciatingly slow, especially when flying solo. (You can never count on having a friendly and fascinating person seated next to you, however I lucked out from Atlanta to Tampa and had a lovely conversation with a man who works at the Dali' museum.)

I was armed to the teeth:

I never even cracked open that issue of Bust, nor did I write any notes for my Maid of Honor speech, and I just barely finished Eating Animals by the time I returned home. Oh well; better safe than sorry.

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