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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Raw Food at a Mexican Joint?!; Or "Life is Full of Surprises"

When researching vegan options around the Sarasota area, I was very surprised to find that one (and only one, currently) of the locations for Mi Pueblo now offers an "organic menu," featuring organic, raw, and vegan dishes. Of all places! I was eager to try it, and brought along a willing omnivorous friend to join me.

I ordered the "ensalada del sol." It's hard to get plenty of fresh, raw veggies while traveling, and a bed of sprouts with slices of avocado (and julienned summer squash, carrots, spinach, and Romaine) with a sunflower-lime dressing sounded too good to pass up, even if it was pretty overpriced. It certainly was gorgeous.

My friend ordered the Brazil nut burritos. She said she'd never eaten fancy, prepared raw foods like this before, and she really liked it.

Despite the steep prices, I couldn't pass up a raw dessert while in such close proximity. Behold! The raw chocolate torte:

Mmm... This torte had a cacao-coconut-crushed nut outer shell, which held in smooth, creamy, decadent cacao-avocado fudge. Drizzled over the torte was a light macadamia creme (always good) and sliced strawberries. The fudgey center was the best; I'd eat my way through a kiddie pool of that creamy, chocolatey goodness.

If you're in the north Sarasota area, and money is not a big concern, check out the "Organic Menu" at the Mi Pueblo location on University Parkway. The atmosphere is wonderful and the food is fresh!


  1. I haven't been to Sarasota in over 10 years, but this makes me want to go back!


  2. You'll be surprised at how vegan-friendly it has become over the years! There are a couple of raw restaurants, but they were all closed (temporarily) while I was down there.