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Saturday, July 17, 2010

HVT @ Home

Summertiiiiiime and the grillin's easy!

Summer is probably my favorite season. Spring is exciting because everything is new again, trees are budding, butterflies are frolicking, grass is green again. Autumn is depressing because everything is starting to die, but for a week or two (if you're lucky), the world is bright and crisp. Winter is hell on earth. But summer is the best because of tiger lilies, fireflies, and longer, sunnier days. Oh, and grilling!

Here are some fresh, colorful veggies, tossed with extra virgin olive oil and dried herbs.

slabs of tofu (similar preparations)

And here's where they go! (That's some flat bread warming on the top)

grilled tofu, up close & delicious

Because grilled veggies and tofu is one of my favorite summertime meals, I didn't remember until later to take a picture. Here are the leftovers!

*sigh* I love summer.

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