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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Choose Your Own (Cutting Board) Adventure

When I moved from Missouri to Florida, I only took what would fit in my little 2-door car. If that sounds like a lot of room, maybe it is for you. For me, it was pretty cozy.

When it came time to pack up, I couldn't believe how much STUFF I had. It was actually kind of disgusting. I have a personal mission to not let so many THINGS crowd up my life any more. Aside from the necessities, if I'm not going to wear it or eat it, I'm not buying it!

Now when I say "necessities," I include kitchen ware. I love cooking, therefore certain kitchen accessories are actually necessities for me. Once I get my life in order, I look forward to having my own well-stocked, totally vegan kitchen. Nice knives, a good blender, sophisticated glasses, all of my grains and beans and such in attractive glass containers, a big glass pitcher (I have a thing for glass, if you couldn't tell), a dishwasher (all of my Future Kitchen Dreams have one), and wooden cutting boards.

In addition to glass, I have a thing for wood, too.

A wooden cutting board is something I've been missing a lot lately. The kitchen that I share with three fabulous people only has one little plastic board, which I end up using at least once a day, and it's just not as great as good ol' fashioned wood. With this dream in mind, I started to look around the CSN Stores sites for ideas/visions. (You may recall I've hosted a couple of CSN giveaways in the past, but for you new folks, CSN hosts many different sites where you can find anything from office supplies, TV tables, rugs, luggage, jewelry, and my favorite, cookware.) I found some pretty sassy cutting boards there.
A circular cutting board seems impractical in a sense, but they're quite attractive none the less.

This prep board is also pretty.

This one is probably the most practical of the ones I like...

while this one is probably the better deal (2 for 1!).

Life is full of hard decisions, eh? Well, once I figure out what wooden cutting board route to take, you can expect a review. (But the sooner I decide, the better, so feedback is welcome!)

What are YOUR kitchen necessities?

Moving on, I apologize for the lack of content lately. It felt really weird to not be blogging on the daily, as I did for Vegan MoFo, but then it became quite cold down here in Florida (yes, it gets cold down here, too!), and I just can't fully function when it's this cold. I'm hoping for a bit of a heatwave, then once my creativity thaws out, I'll have lots to share with you.

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  1. I love my bamboo cutting board. I do have to oil it, though, or it gets dried out. Right now I'm also dreaming of my kitchen ... with a full-sized food processor, a nicer blender, and ice-cream maker. I just need more room first. That, and more money.