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Friday, December 17, 2010


I'm so fascinated by people. Being in a new area, whether it's traveling or moving, makes me very, very interested in the people of that area. Now that I'm in Florida, I want to meet everyone! Well, not everyone, but you know what I mean. Moving to a new city has rekindled my deep, fascinating love of people. I want to meet people and interact with them and converse with them and listen to their stories. I love to listen to people tell their life story, where they came from, why they're here, what they're doing, what's the most amazing thing that ever happened to them. And I'd much rather listen than talk.

Earlier this week, I curled up with a mug of tea and watched "24 Hours on Craigslist." I LOVED it. If you like This American Life (which I sure do), then you'll enjoy this documentary as well.

My favorite snippet was the couple who sold all of their belongings (on Craigslist, of course) and traveled the world. I want to watch a full-length documentary about them! They're living my dream! (All I need is stuff to sell and a dude!) All of the stories in this doc are so interesting. There are a couple of weird sex things toward the end (this is Craigslist, after all) that I personally found creepy, but otherwise, I just smiled a lot while watching this.

There's a girl I babysit from time to time. Recently, while she was having her piano lesson, I flipped through this lovely coffee table book.

Again, all interesting stories accompanied by lovely photographs. I only made it partway through the book, but I look forward to catching more of the stories in the future.

We live in such a big, wild, and wonderful world, full of fascinating people. I truly encourage you to get to know a new person soon. Or get to know someone who you see often, but don't really know. Ask questions. Listen, and I mean truly listen. Open up your mind, your heart, and your ears. You never know what amazing story is just waiting to be told.


  1. I've been wanting to watch this film. Gonna watch now, thanks! Are you a huge documentary fan like me? :-)

  2. People are what have made my travels memorable. There's nothing better than meeting locals and learning about the culture and traditions from them. SO much better than a guide book!

  3. I'll have to check out that documentary. I am a huge TAL fan! I do find people generally interesting and I also like to listen to stories. I bet you're meeting some interesting people in Florida.