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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Drunk Kitchen

I am totally smitten with My Drunk Kitchen. I am only partially hesitant to admit that I spent about two hours of my Friday watching back to back episodes on youtube. (And after only one episode in, I was ready for a drink and a cooking assignment, but mostly just a drink.)

If you've never heard of My Drunk Kitchen, it's truly a brilliantly entertaining concept: Host Hannah Hart gets drunk, and then cooks something, with plenty of silly and delightfully punny commentary throughout. And who doesn't appreciate a good pun?!

Unfortunately, MDK is not a vegan program, but Hannah did create an all-vegan episode. Enjoy!

"The cheesecake is a lie!"

Dear Hannah Hart,

Let's drink and cook together. You could use more vegan episodes, and I wanna get punny with you.