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Friday, March 9, 2012


I stumble upon so many great articles as I mosey around the interwebs. Sometimes I'll share those links on the Hungry Vegan Traveler Facebook page, and other times I just forget and then I can't find the links later. Today, rather than overloading everyone's FB feed, I'm going to post a little links round-up of cool travel and vegan articles I've found lately. (But if you aren't a fan of HVT on Facebook yet, go change that ASAP!)

via Vegan World Trekker - Vegan Mobile Apps for Your Travels. I don't have a smartphone yet (one more month until contract renewal and phone discount! Woo!), but when I finally upgrade, I'll definitely be getting the HappyCow app.

My blogger buddy Amber in Kansas City went to San Francisco recently and shared some truly beautiful meals from her visit on her blog, Almost Vegan. PS. Her first cookbook, Practically Raw, is making the rounds and is available on Amazon. Check it out!

via Travelettes - 10 of the World's Most Inspiring Female Travelers Inspiring indeed!

via Volunteer Global - Volunteer Abroad Trips By Ladies, For Ladies

The folks behind the zine, Peace to All Creatures, are hosting an online bake sale on March 18th and 19th. All the profits will be split among four different charities, one of which is Darlynn's Darlin's, which I blogged about back in December. Check out their blog for more info on how to participate in their bake sale and please help spread the word about their event!

The Girls Gone Green is a non-profit organization based out of Jacksonville, Florida, whose mission is to "uncover the reality of many environmental, animal and health issues." They recently posted this cute video on their Facebook page, highlighting the many events they organize in Northeast Florida. What an inspiring group of vegans!

By now, many of you have probably seen the "Boyfriend Went Vegan" ad campaign from PETA. There are many things I do not like about PETA or their tactics, and their blatant sexism is one of them. This particular ad campaign has gone too far. It upsets and offends me on so many levels that I just could not even put my feelings into words. Eventually, the Ms. Magazine blog addressed it.

Links aside, I mentioned on Facebook earlier this week that I was considering going on a smoothie cleanse. Well, I didn't go on a "cleanse" exactly, but I naturally ended up leaning toward one. I had 2-3 different smoothies each day this week, one of which was always green. Here's what I noticed:
1. My blood sugar was stable all day long and never crashed.
2. The smoothies gave me plenty of energy throughout the day.
3. They were super-convenient. I took two smoothies to work each day and they would last me through my entire shift.
4. The smoothies helped curb my cravings and grazing habits, specifically at work. There's SO MUCH JUNKY FOOD at work, most of which I can't eat anyway because it's not vegan, but still, the crap that happens to be vegan is still no good, but I would often catch myself eating it because it was there, or I was feeling rushed, or my blood sugar was dropping. Instead, if I felt hungry, I would sip a smoothie and the cravings/grazing instincts would vanish.

Drinking fruits and greens all day led me to crave healthier foods, too. Dinners all week were either soups or brown rice with steamed veggies, and they were completely satisfying. I have felt cleaner and lighter these last few days. I plan to keep up my daily smoothie habits, and I'm excited to experiment with different combinations to jazz things up and prevent boredom.

And now I leave you with this great video of a vegan meal made only from ingredients purchased at a bodega / convenience store, which shows how simple vegan cooking can be!

What cool vegan and/or travel-related articles have you come across lately? Link me up in the comment or on Facebook!

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  1. Thanks for the linkage!

    Now that the weather is warming up, smoothies are sounding pretty damn good to me.