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Monday, April 25, 2011

Dinner and a Movie

A few weeks ago, Amber and I had a pretty chill evening that still included some Kitchen Time. We had a little dinner-and-a-movie night. Amber makes some pretty rockin' oat-and-black-bean burgers, so she whipped those up while I prepped a batch of kale chips. [Note: Every person whom I have introduced to kale chips, veg*n or omnivore, loves them. It's a fun way to get some greens in your diet.]

Preppin' the burgers

Snackin' on some greens while the patties fry up and the potato crowns bake

Here's my plate (no bread for me, thanks)

While we dined on diner-style fare, we watched this super-cute little movie, Flakes, featuring the always-adorable Zooey Deschanel.

Yeah, the trailer may not be very enticing, but trust me, it's a cute little flick. I mean, it's a CEREAL shop. In NEW ORLEANS. And there's a lot of talk about Airstreams, which is SO up my alley/out of my dreams. If you LOVED Empire Records, you'll at least LIKE Flakes. And it's available instantly on Netflix!

My favorite lines from the movie:
Neal: So what do you want to do tonight?
Miss Katz: Hold hands.

Yeah, I'm a total sap, in case you didn't know.

We paused the movie to make some cookies and cream-style shakes in the Magic Bullet, but there are no pictures, because I was briefly in heaven.

PS. Speaking of vegan dinners and movies, check out my new friend PJ's blog, which is ALL ABOUT vegan dinners inspired by movies! It's called Vegan Cine Grub.


  1. You know how I feel about Zooey Deschanel. And kale chips. IMAGINE COMBINING THE TWO!

  2. That burger plate looks massive (massively good) and I agree that it doesn't look like it needs any bread. Thanks for the blog link; it looks like a really cute idea.

  3. I watched Flakes not too long ago, it was cute. I love the idea of a cereal bar with all those vintage cereals and quirky ambience. Thanks for the plug!!!

  4. Great food and looks like my kind of movie! A two-fer!

  5. I love Zooey, and was heartbroken when she married Death Cab for Cutie instead of me. (500) Days of Summer is a fave.