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Monday, April 11, 2011

Recent Eats: Ladies Nights

Before a night of baking with some of my favorite vegan gal pals in mid-March, Amber fueled us with some comfort food. First, bruschetta
and spinach dip

followed by mac & cheese (VegNews recipe)

And then we got our bake on, starting with rainbow cupcakes.

followed by cream cheese brownies (from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, of course).

Unfortunately, the colors in our rainbow cupcakes came out quite muted, but that didn't effect the taste.

Not long after this night, we reunited again for another bake-a-thon. We kicked the night off with some improv nachos, using what was on hand. We made a cashew-and-nooch-based cheese sauce, then globbed on some vegetarian refried beans, some chopped green pepper, and scattered some diced Follow Your Heart on top. (No, those aren't carrots you see!)

Oh man. Good stuff! Next up, we got to business on making oatmeal cream pies AND whoopie pies. The latter that I couldn't help but refer to as Whoopi(e) Goldberg Pies, which led me randomly shout, "I ain't no DAMN secretary!"

I'm not sure if anyone else caught that reference, though.

First, make the cookie outsides.

Next: slather on your best schmear between two cookies, press lightly, unhinge jaw, and enjoy.

These were cookie "pies" of epic proportions and tastes, and creating them was no small feat. It takes a certain level of vegan badassery, I think. (But we haven't quite reached the level of making our own vegan cinnamon rolls. Yet.)


  1. Everything looks amazing! I had a girlie night with some friends this weekend & we ate delicious vegan food & baked too.

  2. now you got me thinking about those nachos again! they were sofa king good! i think we should have a repeat of both of those night, with the addition of cinnamon rolls!!!

  3. I'll have some of everything, please!

  4. Wish I was there, looks so much fun :)