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Monday, April 18, 2011

My First Vegan Bake Sale

Hold on to your hats and sweet teeth -- here come the pictures you've been waiting for: Pictures from Saturday's vegan bake sale, where 100% of the profits went to spay/neuter for feral/stray cats. It was held at Mojo Books & Music as part of their Record Store Day celebration.

Here's the table at set-up, before more food donations came rolling in.

Here's what I brought to the table: No-Kill Puppy Chow
(I later had to add a note that read "For Humans," as it caused some confusion.)

And fudgy peanut butter blondies with crushed nuts and chocolate chips
These were (understandably) popular.

And finally, the show-stopper, PMS Cookies: peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips AND potato chips. (Who says you can't have it all?!)
YEAH! I received hugs and high-fives for these!

It took a lot of willpower to keep my hands off of Joan's Not-so-Mad-Cowboy Cookies.

Amber donated some great stuff, too, including whoopie pies of both the peanut butter AND vanilla variety (that I apparently failed to photograph), PB cocoa puff squares

and cupcakes!

We had a beautiful chocolate-coconut cake selling by the slice

as well as a pecan pie (this was made my Lisa, who was told by one visitor that it was "the best pie she's ever had!")

We had blueberry and coconut-banana muffins, which were popular with our early morning crowd.

One very thoughtful volunteer, who is admittedly not a baker, purchased and donated a few different cookies from this etsy store.

And the donations kept on coming.

gingerbread cake with cinnamon-coffee glaze

More trickled in throughout the 9 hours we were in business, but I kind of forgot about my camera. I met some really delightful people, vegans and veg-curious, and chatted with them all. We met people from around the Bay area, from other cities and states, and even from other countries! Our tables were set up near the open mic stage and when I hollered out requests for songs about veganism and/or cats, we received some very sweet (and funny!) little ditties! The staff at Mojo couldn't have possibly been any more kind and welcoming. We caught a little music, we got to make lots of ball/neuter jokes, we laughed a LOT, and just had a really great day of activism. After 9 hours, we packed up and the staff at the coffee bar offered to take what was left and continue selling them and collecting donations. When we left, we had almost $500. The grand, final total: $610! That's 60 spay/neuter surgeries!

Obviously, the bake sale was a HUGE success and all the volunteers and I had an awesome time. Thank you to EVERYONE who stopped by, who donated, who sang for us, who helped and supported us and the stray kitties!


  1. WOW! That's such an awesome bakesale, I love the PMS cookies (I could do with one of those right now!) and I love that someone ordered cookies from Etsy because they're not a baker - so cute!

  2. It all looks truly wonderful!

  3. In addition to selling the remainder of these tasty treats we will soon have have many vegan desserts and non dairy options for our coffee drinks at all times

  4. I just finished the last of the delicious items I brought home with me Saturday. Mmm. Great job, all you bakers and other volunteers! I was also impressed by the number of goodies offered; I expected a few items but not several tables covered with tasty choices!

  5. Loved the delicious treats! Kaleisia, the Center for Autism and S.P.E.A.K. will be hosting a Vegan Bake Sale this Saturday. Maybe next year we can partner up.

  6. A beautiful spread, awesome that you were able to raise six hundred dollars. Should've reserved my sugar allotment for Mojo's.

  7. Wow - so much to talk about here; where would I even begin?! I also really want to make those rainbow cupcakes from your other post.