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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Online Vegan Bake Sale for Japan

Vegan blogger, Chocolate Covered Katie, is hosting an online vegan bake sale this Tuesday, April 5th, with all proceeds going toward relief efforts in Japan. I am donating the following goods to her sale.

A batch of peanut butter blondies (winner chooses optional addition of chocolate chips)

And, if the bidding reaches $40+, I'm throwing in a half dozen of chocolate chip cookies. (Winner chooses optional addition of nuts)

For more info on the bake sale, check out THIS POST over at CCK's blog. Then, stay tuned for Tuesday, when the bake sale goes live!

PS. My friend Amber is also donating to the bake sale. Click here to check out her totally adorable cupcake kit!
PPS. Amber and I are hosting a vegan bake sale later this month, but I'll have more info on that soon soon soon.


  1. peanut butter blondies make my world go round! you spin me right round baby right round...

  2. THANK YOU! Truly, thank you so much for helping to spread the word. And I have a sneaky suspicion your blondies are going to be VERY popular. You're the only one who donated blondies; can you believe it?!