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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Guest Post: Vegan in Boston's Harvard Square

I'm still compiling my Most Memorable Meals of 2011 post, and this sudden cold snap in Tampa Bay certainly has me moving slower (probably because I'm wearing multiple layers and not moving too far away from my space heater). While I finish up the year-end post, please enjoy this guest post from Mackenzie, who blogs (adorably) over at Whatever, Gatsby.

as a born-and-raised floridian, i have to say that moving to boston was quite lucrative for my taste buds. i always had time finding things without dairy, and my lactose intolerant self often grumbled over the meager options in orlando. homegirl over here could not find a seitan loaf in sight, and that was pretty tragic for a while. until i moved to boston, i saw things i never saw on menus in my hometown.

vegan chocolate cupcakes?! seitan loaf?! lavender lemonade?! falafel platters?! coconut ice cream milkshakes?

i could cry, really. i blinked whenever i saw these enticing words. but nope, seitan loaves were still on the menu. pinch me, i’m dreaming.

since i moved to boston/cambridge in june, i’m happy to say i’ve become a one-woman eating show. these are a few of my favorite places to gorge myself eat daintily at in harvard square, specifically:

veggie planet and veggie galaxy:

veggie planet is just beyond brilliant. it’s all vegetarian, but can be made vegan upon request. you can basically order anything and put it on coconut rice, brown rice, or a pizza crust. ANYTHING. my favorite? peanut curry on coconut rice, anything with their tofu ricotta on a pizza crust. it’s heaven. at night they also have live music at club passim next door. need i say more?
veggie galaxy is their newest addition (in central square, just a quick subway stop away). it opened up over the summer, and it changes my life on a weekly basis. their “kendall square” burger is just beyond awesome. onion rings on a black bean burger tends to do that for me. they also have coconut milk ice cream milkshakes! i am trying to suppress my squeals as i type this.

l.a. burdick chocolate:

okay, so burdick’s is not vegan specifically. but it is the only place i know of in boston that offers a completely vegan dark hot chocolate. and i think that’s all that matters, right?

clover food lab:

oh, clover has so, so much of my money. and i might go in there so often that i am now on a first name basis with their employees. and for good reason. falafel plates? bbq seitain sandwiches? hot cider? homemade popovers? everything is local? sometimes they give you free cupcakes? and it’s all under 6 dollars? what is there not to like? my favorite is the falafel plate, which they cover with tahini and it takes me to my happy place.

sweet cupcakes:

i will admit my bias for sweet cupcakes. i used to work here. i loved it, plain and simple. another thing to love? vegan chocolate cupcakes! sadly, it’s only on mondays, and sometimes tuesdays, but still worth the trip to sweet! they play old movies in the background and french pop music fills the store and they have the best coffee in all of boston (little known secret! and it’s only $2!)

and that’s that for harvard square. it certainly is a pretty scrumptious place to live.

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