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Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Love Kansas City

If you are at all familiar with Kansas City, Missouri, you know that this city rocks.

If you've never been to KCMO, do NOT let this article deter you from visiting. In A.G. Sulzberger's NY Times article, "Meatless in the Midwest: A Tale of Survival," the writer clearly failed to embrace all of the vegan splendor to be found in Kansas City.

Hey A.G., have you never heard of Happy Cow?!

Amber over at Almost Vegan posted a fantastic response to the article, which you can read HERE. And even though I addressed this on Facebook, I feel a need to address this here on the blog, too. Although I do not live near Kansas City anymore, that city will always have a piece of my heart. It is an underrated city full of hidden (and not-so-hidden) treasures, a city that I love and miss. And let me tell you, all my days spent in KC were NOT lacking in delicious food. Here are some links to past blog entries about some of my favorite Kansas City eateries.

Malay Cafe in North Kansas City

Amazing nachos at FuD, KC's ALL-VEGAN restaurant

No other Mongolian BBQ place compares to Genghis Khan

At least Blue Koi was mentioned in that NYTimes article

Here's my recap from 2010's Bliss Fest, a green, earth-lovin' veg-friendly event

Lunch at Eden Alley (I'm a bigger fan of their desserts, though)

In my Most Memorable Meals of 2010 post, you'll find pictures from a vegan dim sum at Bo Ling's on the Plaza

And that's just a sample of the vegan offerings in Kansas City, Missouri. Since I left, the metro area has opened a Trader Joe's grocery store and an all-vegan bakery/coffeehouse, and a Cafe Gratitude is coming in 2012. Veganism is not a brand new concept in Kansas City, and it is extremely easy to live and visit KC and eat like a vegan queen. Just ask Amber or myself.

** Remember, folks -- No matter where you travel, do a little research ahead of time, and always check


  1. Glad you posted this! I hate to think that ANYONE out there would read that article and make such a horribly incorrect judgment of KC. Breaks my heart a little.

  2. THANK YOU for this post! There has been a lot of discussion about the NY times article and I agree, there is SO MUCH to eat here! We have two strictly vegetarian restaurants, three when Cafe Gratitude opens. A vegan coffee shop and great options at most all the local establishments. Thank you for acknowledging this.

  3. Great post. I'm enjoying your blog... thanks for following mine!