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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Most Memorable Meals of 2011

Ah, yes. My favorite recap post to write - my favorite meals of the year!

In January, I had a particularly delicious work-trip in Gainesville, Florida. There were so many great meals that week, but my favorites were the taco salad at Boca Fiesta

these AMAZING Thai Peanut Tempeh wraps from The Jones Eastside

and finally, Gyro Plus, where they had SEVERAL varieties of vegan baklava and some heavenly falafel.

Also in January, I ate at Taco Bus for the first time (where they aren't kidding about the broken English) and also visited the vegetarian food festival at the Southwest Florida Buddhist Temple.

In February, I shouted from the rooftops/blogged about my love for boiled peanuts.

Other highlights that month include meeting the gorgeous Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and Dr. Hotstuff Neal Barnard.

In March, I spent some time in the kitchen with my buddy, Amber. We made this beautiful strawberry pie and fell in love with this simply delicious crust made from dates and nuts.

There were quite a few awesome cooking sessions with Amber, as evidenced HERE and HERE.

In April I participated in my first vegan bake sale as part of World Wide Vegan Bake Sale Month. It was pretty freaking epic. Check out that post HERE.

Also in the spring, Amber and I organized a vegan care package swap. I received some AMAZING homemade peanut butter cups!

In May I caught a glimpse of the artsy beach town that is Dunedin and ate at Consciousness Blossoms with some friends. I also ate at Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City for my best friend's birthday. You can read reviews of both places in this entry HERE.

In June I ate at Ella's Folk Art Cafe, the Brick in Ybor City, and then I had my amazing, unforgettable trip to the Hostel in the Forest in Georgia. My two dinners there were made with such love. That weekend was the highlight of 2011.

In July I kicked it at the beach with some friends for a lovely sunset. Before the sun went down, we chowed down on grilled Smart Dogs on buttered buns and a variety of chips. It was totally unhealthy, and I certainly went off the rails on the gluten train, but it was a fun time and the sunset filled me with happiness. I love living here.

In September, I drove down to visit my best friend and her new baby and her husband prepared this beautiful meal. (You may recall the blog post about that HERE.)

About a week later, there was more figgy business at SONO Cafe at the Tampa Museum of Art. This time, in the form of a "mixed melon salad."

In October I experimented with a food dehydrator with my cousin, which was fun. My favorite was the pear rings.

Volunteering at Green After Dark means delicious, comforting meals from King Natural Catering.

I loved my meal at Etho's Vegan Kitchen after the Central Florida VegFest in Orlando.

And of course, there was Thanksgiving.

In December I had a delicious reunion with Mi Pueblo in Sarasota.

And then I had a crazy-delicious Christmas eve dinner!

Yeah, 2011 was a great year, for so many wild and wonderful (and delicious!) reasons.


  1. DAMN. If your goal was to make me ravenous, you totally succeeded.
    Happy 2012!

  2. Happy New Year! Everything here looks great and I sure do miss boiled peanuts. I have'nt had any since I left GA.