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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Still VegFestin' After We Left the Park: Ethos Vegan Kitchen & Artichoke Red Vegan C-Store

After we left Central Florida VegFest, our bladder's painfully full, we high-tailed it to nearby Ethos Vegan Kitchen to use their toilets and eat a proper dinner.

I went with the pecan-crusted eggplant with mashed potatoes with a savory herb gravy and pan-seared fresh green beans. Holy cow, this was super comforting!

The eggplant was so crispy and flavorful. The pecan crust kinda gave it a hint of breakfasty flavor, in a good way.

Amber ordered this big-ass bean burger.

Lisa ordered the flaky savory veggie pie and a side of tomato basil soup.

After sufficiently stuffing ourselves, we headed up the street to Orlando's vegan convenience store, Artichoke Red. They had a booth at CFVF, where we picked up a discount coupon that was burning a whole in our giant purses.

It's tiny, but 100% vegan!

I picked up some Nacho Mom's vegan and gluten-free queso dip.
I had been reading so much buzz about this stuff all year, and was excited to find a gluten-free variety.
(Unfortunately, I didn't like it. I don't know if it was a bad batch or if it's always this way, but it tasted dusty.)

Do you have a vegan convenience store in your city? I've also visited Food Fight! in Portland and Sidecar Pigs for Peace in Seattle. I made it to the door of Fast and Furless in Minneapolis, but they were closed the day I was there. I think Tampa needs a vegan c-store. Who wants to open one with me?

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