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Monday, November 21, 2011

Central Florida VegFest: Food & Pugs

As I mentioned in recent blog posts, it took me awhile to finally upload my pictures from Central Florida VegFest in Orlando in late October. Since a couple of weeks had passed, I pretty much forgot what I had photographed. Upon uploading and reviewing, I discovered that I pretty much only photographed three things: the wiener statue, food, and pugs. That kind of sums me up as a person, too... But anyway. Let's start with food! Check out these GORGEOUS cupcakes from Raphsodic Vegan Bakery. (And no, that's not my misspelling; that's actually how they spell their name.)
Infusion Tea also had pretty cupcakes.
But it was too soon for sweets, so let's switch to the savory. My pal Amber ordered some vegan mac & cheese from Ethos Vegan Kitchen.
I ordered the vegan nachos from Dandelion Communitea Cafe, which was plenty huge to share with Amber and Lisa.
Lisa ordered a "meatloaf" sandwich from Infusion Tea, and I just ordered a mango green tea (and later went back for the hibiscus, too -- it was a warm, sunny day and the tea was good!).
And now it's time for the pugs!
I'm still getting the hang of wielding a larger, heavier camera, which might be why there are so few pictures, as well as the fact that I was distracted by everything going on, especially when those two glasses of tea caught up to me and all that was nearby were port-o-potties. (This led to a screaming - literally - chase to find proper restrooms.) Central Florida VegFest was a great event. There was a steady stream of speakers and demos happening, tons of booths on various veg-related topics, a large children's area, and plenty of food (more than what was shown here). It gave me a lot of ideas for next year's Tampa Bay Veg Fest.

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  1. For next year, there are bathrooms in the subway at the science museum across the street. And I also had the nachos and meatloaf sandwich, which we excellent.