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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Green After Dark

I was looking forward to buckling down and finally blogging about the Central Florida VegFest in Orlando a couple of weeks ago, but when I opened up my browser and started typing my intro, I realized that I hadn't even uploaded my pictures from the festival yet. Duh! So in the meantime, here are some pictures from Green After Dark the Saturday before Halloween (which happened AFTER CFVF, but somehow I have these pictures up and not from the festival. Whatever).

My pal Lisa and I handed out vegan candy and vegetarian information to people perusing the nighttime farmers market. We had some great conversations with people and enjoyed the dogs in Halloween costumes...

The Chik Fil' A "cow" won the costume contest, but all poochy participants won a Puppy Popsicle from Whatever Pops.

We also had some delicious vegan eats from King Natural Catering. I started with their raw veggie "patty" and salad

and then I had to go back for more, this time for their cooked veggie-and-bean burgers.

* Avocado is always good, and these smooth, buttery slices were amazing with both orders
* Who knew that just olive oil, Bragg's, and a squeeze of lemon could make such an amazing salad dressing?
* Black-eyed peas make a dandy bean burger
* As do soaked walnuts and pecans with various veggies and spices.

If you see a small group of meat-eating men flocking to this guy for seconds and thirds (and maybe even fourths), then you know this guy is cookin' up good vegan burgers!

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