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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vegan Scores from Big Lots

Anyone who knows me and knows me well, knows that I love Big Lots.

I feel like there's a common misconception that all Big Lots stores are "ghetto." Granted, some stores might be located in unsavory neighborhoods, and some stores might be older and not as bright and shiny, but it all depends on the city you're in. I find that the content is always the same: you never know what you'll find, but you WILL find some vegan products.

Yes, bargain hunting vegans, take heed -- Big Lots is vegan-friendly! It's a closeout store, so their merchandise changes all the time, but I have found method and Seventh Generation products, Bob's Red Mill gluten-free (and regular) baking mixes, Newman-O's (all four flavors! For $2 a package! Needless to say, those didn't last long.), gluten-free organic cereals, and more. You just have to look!

Between Tampa's VegFest and Orlando's VegFest, I paid the nearby Big Lots a visit. I often text my local veg friends when I score some wicked vegan goods at Big Lots, but this time I made a point to take a picture of my recent haul to share with you.

From Left to Right, you are seeing:
Boulder Canyon Hummus & Sesame Chips - which are AMAZING! So thin and crispy and flavorful.
Dry Roasted Edamame - great to keep in the car if you're often on the go.
Coconut Dream Unsweetened Coconut Milk - great on its own, for baking, or with cereal, such as...
Cascadian Farm Organic Fruity-Os - Fruit Loops without all the junk!
Two packages of Miller's Finest gluten-free pasta - Fusili and Rigatoni. Great GF pasta. Not at all mushy.
A jar of Barilla Olive spaghetti sauce - black and green olives. Total yum.
and in the center, Mexican Coca-Cola - No HFCS. I know, I know -- soda is the devil, but I'm no purist. Sometimes I get a craving.

All of this for under $13!

If there is a Big Lots store near you, I encourage you to pop in and see what vegan goods YOU can find!

Do you shop at Big Lots? What's the best deal on vegan goods you've ever scored?

Would you be interested in more posts about vegan bargain shopping?


  1. I freaking love Big Lots. They have a decent rewards program too; lately I've been getting emails with $10 off coupons and 20% off coupons. I go in there about once a month and buy whatever I please. I end up with lots of random, super cheap thing. Roland Truffle oil, roland buckwheat soba, GF cerealss, bob's red mill products, soy milk, salsa...I love big lots!

  2. Yeah, Big Lots is great! I am really sad that when I move in a month, I won't be close to one anymore. :-(

  3. love love love big lots!! i've gotten enjoy life snicker doodles, newman o's, brown basmati rice, and wild garden hummus before. also, rice cracker pillows.

    such a great place!