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Monday, October 25, 2010

A Saturday Afternoon in Kansas City

Last week sucked for a lot of reasons, all on a personal level, but Saturday more than made up for it. The weather was perfect - a sunny and crisp fall day. A great day to visit the City Market.

Summer is definitely over. There were only about a third the amount of vendors as there were just a few months ago. Almost everyone had winter squash for sale (some a little funkier than others).

L was very interested in the man roasting the peppers in, what I called, the Bingo Cage. We ended up getting a pound of roasted peppers (sweet and hot) and an eggplant.

(It made the car smell AWESOME.)

Then we met up with a friend and had lunch at FüD, the 100% vegan restaurant that I haven't visited in MONTHS.

L ordered the nachos (the best deal on the menu, I think, at $9).

I ordered a chalupa (I expected it to be a little bigger for $7, but it was still absolutely delicious).

Our two dining companions ordered some tacos (2 for $7).

This is the (raw) rainbow taco:

What's funny is that we all ate the same filling, but in different ways. I can't quite describe the filling. I just know that it involves jack fruit, wild rice, a heavenly blend of spices, cashew-based sauces, and some fan-darn-tastic guacamole. I highly recommend the nachos of all the meals, as it's the best bang for your buck. I haven't tried any of their sammiches yet, but that's next on my list!

After lunch and parting ways with our friends, we romped around World Market, then headed back home, but stopping at Yogurtini on the way.
Passed this little coffee place on the walk from the parking lot. Does the name look familiar to you?

Last time, I reported back on my vegan findings at the Yogurtini by the Plaza. This time, we tried out the Zona Rosa location.

Yogurtini always carries one non-dairy option and the flavors change every few months. This time, they had mango sorbet. I wish they would use some soy- or coconut-milk based frozen desserts, but I won't complain. Besides, for me, it's all about the toppings.

Yogurtini always has oodles of fresh fruit and several kinds of nuts, as well as several kinds of sugary cereals, sprinkles and chocolates, and sauces. (Including Sri Racha hot sauce!) I was impressed to find that this location also offered agave nectar and natural maple syrup among their sauces. I didn't use any (I had enough sweet stuff in my bowl), but it was still nice that it was there.

How was your weekend?


  1. Haha, bingo it.

    Ahh, you made it back to FuD! Those nachos are DEFINITELY the best value. So much huger than everything else similar-priced, it seems.

    Sorry you had a crummy week last week :(

  2. Fud looks like an awesome restaurant!

  3. Oh that restaurant looks amazing! I wish I had something like that here. Oh hang on a sec, I just wrote a post about what veggie/vegan/raw dishes would people like to see on their menu of a standard restaurant. Do you have any suggestions?

  4. That restaurant looks amazing - the kind of stuff you wish was available more often, 'cause it certainly everywhere is for non-vegans!