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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Flashback: October 2008 - Autumn in New England

I recently had to dig through hundreds of picture folders, trying to find a specific shot, and was immediately caught up on Memory Lane. I've been focusing a lot on food on the blog lately, and will really be focusing on food in November, so I'm going to post a flashback entry of a big road trip I took two years ago. Specifically, since it's timely, some time we spent in Connecticut and upstate New York.

First up, a visit to Pumpkin Town in East Hampton, CT. We saw a commercial for this place while visiting my grandparents and thought it looked like a cheesy good time. It was.

Arnold Squashenagger, lifting pumpkin weights

A slew of other gourd-geous characters.

From Connecticut, we made our way through upstate New York, hoping to enjoy a lot of peak fall foliage.

Lake George area

Prospect Mountain

And for our final hurrah in New York: Niagara Falls (the US side only because I didn't have a passport yet).


I'm gettin' misty over here!

This concludes the autumny, New Englandy flashback. I may post a couple more of these before Vegan MoFo starts (less than a week to go!).


  1. Cute animal pumpkins, Niagra Falls and a black squirrel - awesome!

  2. Check out that pumpkin piggy family! Too cute!

    We have some black squirrels here in Columbus. They are really common in northeastern Ohio, but they're starting to make their way south. They are kind of intriguing.

    Niagara looks beautiful!

  3. Love the pumpkins, especially the animals...very cute! I've never seen a black cool!
    You commented on my blog asking if I had ever used nutritional yeast in my potato soup. I have not, but thought about that after it was too late. I'm fairly new to using nutritional yeast, but think I will try that the next time. How much nutritional yeast would you use in the place of two cups of veggie cheese?

  4. @Michelle,

    I would guess around a cup of nutritional yeast. Luckily, it's the sort of thing you can add to taste, and also add a little later on, if you decide you want more.

  5. Love your pictures! The pumpkin creatures are priceless :) I've only been to New England once, and I absolutely loved my time there! We went to Vermont for our honeymoon (also in the fall), and got to enjoy the beautiful foliage.

    Looks like a great trip! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Wow, your Niagara Falls photos are seriously stunning.

  7. Such lovely photos! Makes me miss New England - the Midwest is pretty in the fall, but it doesn't hold a candle to the Northeast. Thanks for sharing!