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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Product Review: Brody's Bakery's MockTarts

Back in August, I shared a review of some vegan and gluten-free cookies from Brody's Bakery in Kansas City. All of their baked goods are vegan and gluten-free, and their availability is expanding around the KC-metro area, as well as their flavors.

After posting that first interview, I was asked if I'd be interested in sampling and reviewing their MockTarts, once they were perfected. How could I say no?

From their website:
Mock-Tarts -- A better breakfast pastry. Available in four delicious flavors: Fruit filled (strawberry, raspberry or blueberry), brown sugar & cinnamon, Smores, or PB & Jelly. Since our glaze is actually made from real food, you do NOT wanna put these babies in your toaster. Delicious just how they are or warmed up for a few minutes in the oven (or the microwave, if you must.) 4 for $8

I had the delicious task of sampling the strawberry mock-tarts, but I didn't want to keep this job all to myself, so I asked a couple of friends to give them a taste, as well.

Tasters' Thoughts:
"Delightfully chewy."
"Dense and flaky in a good way."
"Very hard crust."
"Better than a Pop-Tart for sure."
"Uneven filling distribution, but the filling is really good and tastes like real strawberries."
"I would buy these over regular Pop-Tarts if they were less expensive."

The real fruit filling is definitely the star of the Mock-Tart show. It tastes like real strawberries because it IS real strawberries! I only wish that there was MORE of the filling, as it was very thin in some areas. These tarts are much heartier (and harder) than regular Pop-Tarts, which are filled with artificial everything, including ingredients that are hard to pronounce. Warming these Mock-Tarts up is vital - just 30 seconds in the microwave was plenty of time to heat them up completely. I found the unheated tarts a little too hard to bite into.

If you are anywhere in the KC-metro area (including the Kansas side), seek out some Brody's Bakery products and try them for yourselves. If you're looking for vegan, gluten-free holiday treats for later this month, they are also offering Halloween goodies (which look ADORABLE!). You can also find Brody's Bakery on facebook.


  1. I got a Google alert and it was you! :) We were wondering if you had picked up the Mock-Tarts, thank you for tasting for us! Just wanted to let you know that we have modified our outer shell in the past few weeks, they were just a little TOO hard. We'll have to get you some of the new & improved! Keep up the fantastic vegan blogging!
    ~Katie O, Brody's Bakery

  2. Good to know, Katie! I look forward to trying the new & improved!



  4. I still haven't tried any Brody's stuff, but these look awesome! Brown sugar & cinnamon and Smores are what I'd go for. Too bad they are so pricey though! =/