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Friday, October 1, 2010


Last week, my car reached a landmark.

I bought my little Chevy just two days after high school graduation. It was my big swift kick in the rear into Grown Up Land: a big, fat car loan. My first car, a 1991 Ford Taurus, had been in a minor accident and the air conditioner was busted, and AC is a must in Florida, so with that and some minor (in my opinion) damages, my dad convinced me to get a new car. From 18-21, it was very stressful having car payments as I was struggling to find myself and I made lots of stupid, not-very-grown-up mistakes, but I still managed to pay my car off about 2 years ahead of schedule.

I feel a little disappointed in the quality of miles I've put on my car over the years. They can be summed up by the following:
1. back and forth to Sarasota and Tampa and a few various trips to other FL cities
2. the big haul: Florida to Missouri
3. back and forth to Kansas City and surrounded areas

Nothing very note-worthy there. I've been on many road trips; they just weren't in my car. Still, I feel like my 100k miles should represent me as a person, and I guess it does: I go back and forth, I go in circles, and I'm still trying to find my way.

I will be driving my little Chevy until it pretty much falls apart at the seams, and God willing, that won't happen for a long, long time. I have no idea if it will last another 100k miles, but if it does, I hope I can make those miles a little more special.

Where have the miles on your car taken you?

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