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Thursday, October 28, 2010

What's Vegan At... Houlihan's?

Earlier this week, I read that Houlihan's now offers several new "meatless meals." They sounded pretty good, but nothing was specified about whether certain things were vegan or not. I sent an email through their website and received a very friendly reply two days later from a woman named Jenna.

We received your email about vegan menu offerings here at the Houlihan’s home office. We went straight to our VP of Culinary (who developed recipes for all our items and knows the ingredients inside and out) to be sure we’re giving you the correct info – so, without further ado, the vegan menu options at the Hou:

· White Bean & Artichoke Hummus (with grilled pita and marinated olives)
· American Fries
· Spinach Salad (with toasted hazelnuts, fresh berries and poppyseed dressing)
· Veggie Burger (black bean and chick pea patty only – no bun!)
· Tortilla Chips and House Salsa
· Grilled Asparagus

I wanted to pass this info along and get the word out. I know I'm always appreciative of other blogs and sites that post this kind of information. This sounds like a decent location for a mainstream restaurant where you'll be dining with omnivores, as well. Maybe I'll even test out the dishes in the near future and report back on their degree of deliciousness. (You know, for the sake of the blog.)

Have you ever eaten at Houlihan's?


  1. Even though I fully believe one can eat vegan at ANY restaurant, Houlihan's has never interested me. Haven't been in one in years. But now there's "White Bean & Artichoke Hummus (with grilled pita and marinated olives)"? And a bunless bean burger? Oh damn. A trip may be in my they ever have coupons?

  2. Amber,
    If you sign up for their little perks program, they send you a coupon for a free entrée on your birthday!

  3. Thanks! I don't know of any Houlihan's around where I live, but I always find this type of information helpful from when I travel. It's great to not have to guess about the vegan-ness of a menu item and/or to feel regretful about eating something that likely wasn't vegan. I liked their response, too. It was very friendly.

  4. There ARE options ... but they don't seem to be flagging their veggie burger as vegan on their own menu.