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Monday, October 4, 2010

Recent Homemade Eats

I've heard from many of you that are interested in seeing the meals I prepare at home. I'm not the best as remembering to photograph every meal, but here are several meals that I DID remember to snap.

Tofu stir-fry with black bean-hoisin sauce

My first attempt at recreating the nachos at Bloom in Bellingham, WA. Brown rice and lentil "filling," with a nutritional yeast-based sauce (based off this recipe). Not a bad attempt! I'm going to continue experimenting with the filling, though.

a naked salad of Romaine and spinach, smoked almonds, sliced radishes, and lightly-fried sun-dried tomato polenta.

And again, with Annie's Naturals roasted red pepper salad dressing (one of my favorites - the other being Goddess, of course).

BBQ baked tofu on brown rice with roasted mushrooms and leftover roasted broccoli (Alton Brown's recipe, with some minor alterations)

More salad, this one with sunflower seeds and Bac-Un bits, along with celery sticklettes to dip in Sabra roasted red pepper hummus (best store bought hummus around, in my opinion)

up close & personal with a Snobby Joe from Veganomicon. I used what I had on hand, which was red lentils. Red lentils cook quickly, which resulted in a mushier Joe. Had I used regular brown lentils, these Joes would have been firmer and would have stood up a bit more. Still, it was an interesting experiment and I will be trying them again with a different variety of lentil.

Here's another Snobby Joes shot.

Caribbean Black Bean soup, recipe from the Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook. Shown here with a dollop of non-Daisy: Tofutti Sour Supreme. It really added to the soup.

Good stuff, especially on tacos and baked potatoes.

all mixed in

a bean-tastic salad drizzled with my beloved Goddess dressing. You know those people who are really gung-ho about putting Ranch dressing on EVERYTHING? I used to think that was so weird, but now I catch myself contemplating the addition of Annie's Goddess dressing on everything...

What have you been cooking lately?


  1. Hope you liked the nacho-cheese sauce! I added some Lighlife soy crumbles, and homemade spanish rice to it last night and put it in a burrito with some refried black beans and some diced green tomatoes and was a heavenly experience!

  2. I'd love some of these recipes- especially for the black bean stir fry, the soup, and that bean business at the end! I love some three bean salad too!

  3. Yes! I love "leftovers" posts! Everything looks great, especially those nachos.