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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Taking Requests

Well, folks, it's almost Vegan MoFo time! Starting MONDAY, I will be posting ON THE DAILY about the joys of vegan food. (And it truly is joyful.) Heck, I might even post TWICE a day from time to time.

I've been brainstorming Vegan MoFo content for about a week now, trying to write all the ideas down and get somewhat organized. I'm terrible at organizing, though, so I'll still be winging it some days. I have several reviews and giveaways lined up (woo hoo!), but I would also like to take requests from you fine people.

What would you like to read about during Vegan MoFo?
Is there a certain recipe you'd like me to post? (Keep in mind, I'm not a recipe-creator. I'm more of a throw-whatever-looks-good-in-a-pan-and-go kind of gal.)
Is there a certain dish you'd like me to (try to) veganize?
What's your favorite meal, snack, or dessert?

Help me, help you.

Otherwise, you can expect posts about what I ate that day, as well as theme days, where I'll post about specific foods, and maybe a couple fun stories of livin' the vegan life in a meat-eaters world.


  1. I've always wanted to try and make my own sushi- maybe a good mofo experiment?