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Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Not-So-Food Day

Friends, it has been a rough week. (And that is putting it lightly.) I honestly don't have much food to share with you today because it's just been that kind of week. I will share what little I have, though. One meal in particular, made last Sunday, was quite good: Broccoli-Chickpea Casserole (recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance).

I served it with some tomato rice (jasmine rice cooked with V-8, an experiment since I was out of vegetable broth). It wasn't too bad.

I also made some Raunchy Red Lentil Soup (recipe from La Dolce Vegan). It's quick and easy and provides leftovers.

I really enjoy cooking once, and eating twice.

And guacamole was whipped up.

Kind of a pitiful Friday Food Day, I know, but everything will change next week. It has to, because it's VEGAN MOFO TIME!

And, to add a little more somethin'-somethin' to this entry, I'd like to give you all a head's up on two different giveaways going on:
Fannetastic Food is hosting a Mighty Leaf Tea & Mug giveaway and
Ginger is the New Pink is giving away a $100 CSN gift code!

Have a great weekend, everyone! What are you doing for Halloween?

Speaking of Halloween, here are some mini pumpkins I decorated with a little girl I babysit.


  1. Hope next week is better. I, too, have had a long, rough week...I think I've only posted once! And, you're like the 4th blog I've read who has said the same thing...must be something in the planetary alignment this week!

  2. Chickpeas and lentils, that's enough to keep me happy for a week. :)