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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Mail

While I was in Connecticut for the CT Veg Fest, I entered a drawing for a Vegan Cuts grab bag package, and I won! Since they wouldn't ship to a PO box, it took me a few extra weeks to actually get it. I finally picked it up over the weekend. Check out my goods!

Here's the sack of goodness that I shook out of the box.

As soon as I wrestled the knot loose on the bag's drawstring, I was hit with a very pleasant scent. It was coming from these yummy organic soaps made by Wembe'.

I was really excited to find a jar of Nacheez dip amongst the goodies. I am always happy to try out new vegan cheeses!

There was a bag of Kaia raw "cocoa bliss" granola, and D3 supplements from Vitashine, two ways: spray and capsule.

There was also a wallet made from recycled cork by Cool CorC

a box of SoyGo soy creamer

and a Pineapple Upside Down Cake flavored Cavewoman bar and, what's that in the corner? Oh, a little button from the cool peeps behind Compassion Company.

Pretty rockin' box of goodies, right?! Thanks, Vegan Cuts!

I also received a sampler of all the new sweet-and-salty Larabars. Unfortunately, they all contain honey. Sad face!

Last week I received a new hula hoop in the mail. This is the third hoop that I've received via postal mail. The first hoop (from Canyon Hoops) came in a huge FLAT box. The second one (from Troo Hoops) came in a large, LONG box. My latest hoop (from Spellbound Hoops in Gainesville, Florida) came like this.

The postal worker who retrieved my "package" from behind the desk and I had a nice laugh about this. Walking out of the post office with this bubble-wrapped, colorful coiled hoop over my shoulder, I laughed again when I realized that that was how my mother's hoop would also arrive at her door. And she had no idea that I ordered a hoop for her!


  1. Dude, Matt and I will take your Larabars. We're beegan. ;)

    For some reason, in the last couple years, I have on several occasions been struck with the random urge to hula hoop. Still need to get myself one!

    1. Hooping is so much fun! I'm still a beginner (just fell in love with hooping after Christmas), but I'm totally hooked. I recommend starting with a weighted fitness hoop to start (I bought my first one from Canyon Hoops) and once you've mastered waist hooping, a lighter hoop will be best for dancing and fun tricks. :)

  2. omg i would go to TOWN on those soy creamers. i have issues. but YAY FOR FREE THINGS!

  3. wow, what a great box of goodies! that cavewoman bar looks delish! thanks for sharing! enjoy your treats!