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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Let's talk about menstruating while traveling

Hey friends,

How do you like that blog post title? I figured I may as well get to the point, rather than draw someone into reading a post calling for input and they become disappointed or confused that I'm really asking people about their periods.

But that's what I'm doing: I'm asking you about your periods while traveling.

Tell me about an experience you had -- mortifying, excruciatingly painful, empowering, whatever -- about traveling during "that time of the month."

Send me an email at HungryVeganTraveler [at] Gmail dot com and tell me your story. Be sure to include your name and your website/blog, as I MAY use your story in an upcoming article. (But if you'd rather remain anonymous, which is totally cool, be sure to clarify that in your email as well.) Put "Period Travel" in the subject line, por favor.

So, what is your most memorable (for better or for worse) menstruating moment while traveling? What helped you get through it?

Dudes: You can contribute to this, too. Maybe you, uh, witnessed something while traveling, or you were there with/for your best gal pal, or something along those lines.

For everyone: Check out this awesome article on Jezebel on how a tampon is pretty much a Swiss Army tool of Awesome. Everyone should keep tampons nearby!

I'm looking forward to reading your stories! Please invite friends to share, too!


  1. Sounds like an appetizing article. I don't have any good stories about travelling during the time of the month, but many of my biggest travelling excursions were both caused by and ruined by the insanity preceeding that time of the month.

    1. Well, now I'm intrigued. I think you need to email me.

  2. Dudes can definitely participate, many trans men have periods!

    1. Good point! Is there a way I can reword that part of the post to make that clear?