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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vlogs I Vlike

It has been non-stop raining in Tampa Bay these last couple of days. I love rainy days, I truly do, but when it's day after day after day like this... it gets old. Especially since I would have liked to spend a day by the pool or at the beach (have I got tan lines to fill IN! Yeesh!).

Still, the rainy days haven't been completely miserable. I love waking up and falling asleep to the sound of rain. It's wonderful background noise while I'm working (whereas pumpin' the jams from Spotify is usually COMPLETELY distracting). The grey skies make me feel cozy. I've been doing a lot more reading, more writing, more DEEP THINKING, and I've been sleeping better. (But I find that when I "sleep better," it means I sleep longer, and that usually means strange dreams. Hmm.) So, even though it's been frustrating to not bring my hula hoop outside or soak up some sun, I have to say that these last couple of rainy days have been more productive than usual. Hooray for that!

I've been Youtubin' it up a little more lately, for two reasons: as a break from writing, and also as inspiration for writing. My Youtube use is primarily focused on two things: music (since Spotify doesn't actually have everything), and ridiculous videos, many of which involve pugs. But lately I've been turning to Youtube for inspiration and ideas.

But let's knock the silly stuff out first. :)

**DISCLAIMER: The following videos aren't necessarily VEGAN, but they ARE necessarily HILARIOUS.**

I've mentioned before how much I love My Drunk Kitchen. My broseph, Brandon turned me on to You Deserve A Drink. I didn't think I'd like it at first, but a few videos in, I fell under YDAD's spell. First, I'll share the Pair of Harts video, and then the latest Justin Bieber's Pickletini, which is the YDAD video that made me laugh the hardest (specifically, the blooper reel at the end). Warning: Mamrie Hart is crude and crass (and that's why I like her!), but that makes her videos not-quite-safe-for-work. So put your earbuds in.

Have I also mentioned before that I love Jenna Marbles' videos, too? This video she made this past Christmas STILL brings tears to my eyes.

PS. Fun fact! Jenna Marbles is like, mostly-vegan! For real. She's vlogged about it.

So, my bro Brandon (who recently guest posted on this blog) has been bitten by the vlogging bug. No doubt directly related to the video he made for his guest post, crooning that unforgettable, timeless tune, the theme song to "Blossom." Anyway, his two subsequent videos are vegan ones! I'm so proud of him, and watching these videos makes me miss him even more. I can't help but assume that at our next reunion, we will collaborate on some pretty freaking epic vlogs together. Check him out on Fat Kid Chronicle!

Okay, okay. Let's move on from the silly stuff.

My friend Amber sometimes manages to suck me into watching countless raw vegan videos. She'll watch them for hours on end, but my attention span won't allow for such marathons. Still, she's got me liking Megan Elizabeth of Easy To Be Raw. Megan Elizabeth is a fruitarian, meaning she eats a whole frick-ton of fruit every day. Her recipes are all pretty simple, which I like. Here are some examples.

(I've had raw food on the brain lately.)

Other vegan vloggers I enjoy are The Vegan Zombie and Vegan Black Metal Chef. Both of those are MUCH sillier than Easy To Be Raw!

So, this isn't a "vlogger" thing, but did you catch the clips of Dr. Joel Fuhrman on Dr. Oz earlier this week? Man, I can't get it out of my head! You can watch the clips of the show HERE. I had no idea that Jasmin Singer (one of the badasses behind Our Hen House) had lost so much weight going vegan. I'm impressed! I wish she had been able to talk more, though, because she's an AMAZING speaker.

What are some your favorite vlogs, vegan-specific or otherwise?

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  1. great post! i look forward to checking these out!