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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Portland Or BUST! VVC 2013

Nothing's gonna stop me this time.

Early bird registration for VVC 2013 opened while I was traveling back from Vegetarian Summerfest to Florida. I was sitting at the Atlanta airport, thinking, It'll probably sell-out by the time I get home. Imagine my surprise when I finally made it home, got online, and discovered that there were just ten spots left at the early bird price. I snatched one up just in time!

Are you going to VVC 2013?


  1. That's great that you enjoy being amongst like-minded people. I attended to the DC Vegetarian Society Thanksgiving in 2011. The people there also enjoyed being 'with their own'.

  2. When you finally make it out here, be sure to hit me up! I'll take you to my favorite vegan hot spots.

    1. Definitely! I reeeally hope that I'll be able to head out there a couple of days early and/or stay a few days after the conference so I can explore and catch up with friends in the area.