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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Somewhere Between "Stuffed" and "Slightly Less Stuffed" // Summerfest Food: Part II

After another day of stuffing ourselves silly, we were invited to cook and bake with Roberta Schiff, co-author of The Vegetarian Shabbat Cookbook and president of the Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society. Amber and I got crazy-lost getting to her room, so it was sometime between 11 and midnight by the time we found our group. (Mind you, it was already a late-night gathering to begin with. We were just fashionably later in our arrival.) Roberta already had olive biscotti in the tiny oven, but we helped her mix up some dips, and then we mostly just sat around, chatting.

We were still so full from the day's meals that we could just barely taste the dips we were mixing. For those of you building a timeline, this happened Thursday night. The following day brought the following meals...
Lunch was light. Corn tortillas with roasted red pepper hummus and spinach. The tortillas weren't cooked in any way, so they had a strange texture. I ate one and gave the other one to my gluten-free friend, Susannah.

Fast forward to dinner

Spinach with "sea-czar" dressing (Vegenaise-based), walnut-crusted tofu (AMAZING), and brown rice and veggies with some kind of gravy business.

Corn chowder was decent, though super-salty

Dessert was ooey gooey strawberries and "cream" (very sweet and very gloppy, but the cream was good)

Up next: an ultra-sweet "breakfast" with a TV star!

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