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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Homegrown Zukes & a Summery Dill Broom

Also over the weekend, I paid my parents a visit. They live out in Nowheresville with very limited options for food. I do not come from a vegan family, so this isn't too difficult for them. However, two years ago they started a vegetable garden, which I made me very excited. This has been a very rainy summer and some of the plants probably aren't going to make it (namely, eggplant), but check out their zucchini! I brought these two home with me.

(Also, check out my sun-kissed arm! Yeah!)

Then my mom and I picked up a few items from their itty bitty local grocery store (seriously, their "produce section" could ride shotgun in my little car) and I was amazed at what I found there:

Have you ever seen dill like this before?! Isn't it awesome?! My mom joked about hanging it in the house like those decorative scented brooms you see in the autumn time.