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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I just felt like sharing some travel- and/or vegan-related links with all of you.

Man Circles the Globe Without Luggage - Could you do this for 6 weeks? I am a terrible packer. Not only do I tend to pack too much, but I always forget something. (Twice it's been bras - not counting the one on my body, of course.)

"Meatless: The Movie" - A 90-Day Vegetarian/Vegan Experiment

20 Ways to Detox Your Home - Gosh, I have a lot of work to do...

The Don't Bother Travel Guide: 101 Places NOT To Go - Have you been to any of these places? Do you want to visit any of them?

95 Songs for Interstate 95 - This would be a fun road trip! I've been on 95 several times in my life, from Connecticut to Florida and back again, but I've only really "visited" some of the states along that route.

Consumers Find a Way to Spend Less and Find Happiness - I, myself, am on a never-ending crusade to have less stuff. It just seems like no matter how many bags I haul out to the donation bin, I barely make a dent. I'll get there, though.

What has piqued your interest in the news and web lately?


  1. I'm an overpacker too - 5 weeks in Europe with one single suitcase really tested me! =X

    Amber Shea

  2. How did you do it, Amber? Any advice on the art of packing light for 5 weeks overseas?