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Thursday, September 23, 2010

PNW Trip: Day 10 - Bellingham

Our day started at Bloom Organic Cafe in Bellingham, which offers all-vegan fare, plus some raw options.

It's such an adorable restaurant! And it's much bigger than I expected; they have a big stage in the back and they often have musicians and dancers.

Okay, let's bring on the food. L ordered a cup of the tortilla soup.

Neither of us were too crazy about it. I thought it was just too brown, too mushy, and the tortilla chips at the bottom were pure mush.

I ordered the Bloom Burrito.

This was great! It was positively BURSTING with curry-dill quinoa (!!!), their Supergreens mix (kale, collards, cabbage), tomato, carrot, and avocado, served with cucumber-dill "yogurt" sauce. I loved it!

Knife & fork required.

L ordered the nachos.

Wow -- this was a MOUNTAIN of tortilla chips piled high with spicy-rice-and-lentil "taco meat," spicy red sauce, avocado, and drizzled in nacho cashew-cheese sauce. I tasted (of course) and it is GOOD.

L's sister ordered the grilled "cheese" (cashew-based) with tomato.

She said she liked it, but wished it was bigger or more substantial in some way.

This was a lovely dining experience, overall. As we were getting ready to leave, I couldn't help but order a raw orange cinnamon roll to go when I saw it mentioned on the board.

Wow! There was a whole lotta orange going on in this little roll!

In fact, it was a little too orangey for me. I let L's sister finish it.

Next, we took my first ferry ride.

It was a small ferry, but still fun and strange. (You know, being in a car ON WATER.)

Then we were introduced to some geoducks (pronounced: GOOEY-duck). They're big in Washington, and they are STRANGE.

Gross, right? They look like nasty wieners. (And I don't mean hot dogs, obviously.)

I poked one, and they feel ALMOST as weird as they look.

We cruised around the island a bit, stopped at a grocery store for some last minute dinner ingredients, then headed back to the cabin to just lounge around. L's sister cooked dinner for us: a delicious coconut curry with brown rice.

Made mostly with local veggies from the nearby farmers market.

We stayed in for the evening, watched a movie, played with the dogs, chatted, ate peach sorbet, and played with the iReverse app on L's iphone. A good way to end our time out here.

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  1. Ahh, so those are the nachos you mentioned! They do look amazing.

    Ew! Those things do look like nasty weiners! What ARE they?