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Sunday, September 12, 2010

PNW Trip: Day 2 - Mostly Wyoming

I woke up bright and early at 6:30 in the morning to make sure we were ready to hit the road and make good time to Salt Lake City. We had plenty of time to enjoy the Wyoming scenery, though. After refilling the cooler with ice and nabbing some plastic cutlery from the free breakfast area, we were back on I-80 West with nothing but endless blue skies and wide open spaces.

And wind farms! Wyoming is really windy.

We stopped at a visitors center with a giant Abe Lincoln statue. It was surprisingly chilly outside while we romped around, taking pictures.

(Abe Lincoln is watching you drive.)

There were some pretty interesting things inside the visitors center, too. I learned how big women's lib is in Wyoming (who knew?) and some fun facts about bears.

I also scored some FREE Wyoming postcards, which made me VERY excited. (I kind of have a *thing* for postcards.)

From the visitors center, we detoured onto scenic byway 130-West and saw mountains and lakes. Stopping at the visitors center here, we learned from the park ranger that it would be in the 50s, so we put on socks, shoes, and jackets before we proceeded.

Gross pit toilets, but beautiful views.

Really lovely drive.

Stopped at a rest area for lunch: pepper-tofu pitas again, plus grapes & chips & salsa.

More wind farms!

We made it to Salt Lake City by 6-ish PM. We stayed with relatives of the Boyfriend. Staying with family and friends is so much better than a hotel. They even made us dinner! No pictures, though, because I don't know them too well and didn't want to weird them out with me taking pictures of a salad and a tiny bowl of pasta marinara. It was a lovely, hot meal, though, and I had fun playing with their practically-two-year-old daughter. We played with a bouncy ball and put together several puzzles until her bedtime, and then all the grown-ups sat around chatting until I couldn't stop yawning and hit the hay.

Up next in Day 3: Mostly Idaho! Good food and good scenery.


  1. Eek, creepy windmills! I don't know why, but I hate those things...

    I haven't been through Utah in forever, but I remember it being one of the prettiest states I've driven through.

    Amber Shea

  2. Oh, Utah is LOVELY! You should go to Bryce Canyon or Zion National Park or Arches. All gorgeous places!