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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Late Night Taco Bus Stop

Earlier this year, I blogged about my visit to Taco Bus, a well-known and much-loved taco establishment in the Tampa Bay area. (Click that link for pictures and my story of barely crossing the language barrier.) This past July, I was helping a friend/former co-worker clean and pack up for her big move out West. At 4am, tired and hot and sweaty, we found ourselves hungry as well. 4am is a wonderful time for a ride to the Taco Bus!

The first time I ate at Taco Bus, I had my hands full with a giant, filling tofu burrito. I hadn’t been to Taco Bus for several months at this point, so I was pleasantly surprised to find a big sign on the bus, declaring that they now offered tempeh. I had to try something tempeh-esque, so I went with a tempeh tostada and their butternut squash tostada.
The tempeh was crumbled, where I was expecting strips (much like tempeh bacon or something similar). I was hoping it would be saucier, but this was still a fun option. The butternut squash tostada was a beautiful specimen. Look at the colors! It tasted colorful, too – nice and light and flavorful. It was like a taste of autumn in the summertime.

Taco Bus will be at the 2nd Annual Tampa Bay Veg Fest, THIS SATURDAY!

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  1. OMG! I love the Taco Bus! I totally went there when I was in Tampa over the summer at the insistence of a friend. I was kind of afraid they wouldn't be able to accommodate me, but they had vegan tempeh tacos. HEAVEN! I adore Tampa :)