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Friday, October 7, 2011

Vegan Mojo at Mojo Books & Music

Those of you who have been reading this ol' blog for awhile may recall the vegan bake sale I participated in back in April. It was held at Mojo Books & Music in Tampa near USF, inside their not-yet-fully-opened new location. Our bake sale was a huge success and we had a wonderful turn-out and response from the public.

Mojo has been in their new store location for a few months now, and they have a coffee bar now. My pal, Lisa and I were distributing VegFest flyers one afternoon and we made a point to swing by Mojo.

We were happy to find a couple of vegan treats in their baked goods case! The barista told me they were made by Loving Hut.

Decisions, decisions... We decided to split a brownie, and then I practically squealed when I spotted this little sign.

I'm a sucker for sweet, fruity teas. We each ordered one of these.

This was definitely sweet, but not as limey or fruity as I had hoped. We made a lot of pea (flower) jokes, though.

The brownie was pretty good. It was your average brownie. It could've used some nuts or peanut butter or something. (I'm always encouraging the union of chocolate and nuts, though.) Call me bias, but I think we sold better brownies at our bake sale. ;)

Is there a Loving Hut in your city? How do you like it?

Did you participate in this year's World Wide Vegan Bake Sale?


  1. There's a Loving Hut just up the road from me, in Mt Gravatt, QLD, Aus. Best restaurant ever! Unfortunately on a student budget I rarely have an extra $10 :(. And I am moving further away in less than a week /sadface.

  2. Aw, I love surprise vegan treats!

    Our nearest Loving Hut is about half an hour away, but there are three (at least) in the San Jose area. Including one that is inside a mall, in a food court. The options there are really limited but still-- how great is it to have a vegan option in such a traditionally unhealthy, animal-product-full space?