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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Simon Says, Eat Fudge

Just a few weeks before my best friend's baby was born, I met up with her and her husband in Sarasota (about an hour-ish south of Tampa) for dinner. We started out at Bangkok for some delicious Thai food. I ordered the tofu in brown garlic sauce.

(I was the only vegan at the table, so no other meals were photographed.)

After awhile at Bangkok, we migrated our chit-chat session to Simon's Coffee House. I had heard that this place was vegan-friendly (and even offered raw options), but I never made it over there to check it out in person. We got there just an hour before closing. I ordered the iced matcha green tea

and the amazing, chocolaty and so-very-decadent vegan fudge.
I especially loved this with little nibbles of fresh orange and mint.

Along the left-hand side of their website, you'll see their different menus, which includes a vegan/vegetarian and a raw section. I look forward to returning to Simon's to check out their other vegan options.

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