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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Day 2 of My Wild Weekend Up North

Saturday morning, Elizabeth and I got up with plenty of time to spare to get ready for the ride to Connecticut. We ate our leftovers from Curly's, watched an episode of Freaks and Geeks, and packed up our stuff. We took a Greyhound out of Port Authority to Farmington, Connecticut, near the wedding site. The ride was smooth and uneventful and we dozed off a bit. My cousin picked us up from the bus stop (which was just a parking lot near UCONN Health. Weird.) and took us to my grandparents' house, where some other relatives were hanging out until the wedding. We got gussied up, took a bunch of pictures, and just hung out. It was bittersweet to be there: the family all together for a happy occasion, but my grandmother and two of my uncles were not.

The wedding itself was AWESOME. Seriously, non-stop fun. During the cocktail hour, E and I grazed on raw fruits and veggies. For the main course, we lucked out with a couple of bean salads, veggie sushi, and pasta with marinara sauce. There was even a gluten-free pasta option!

Soon, the dancing began. E and I must have danced for about 4 hours straight. We were so busy bustin' moves that we were completely oblivious to the frozen drinks station or the dessert buffet! We noticed the Belgian waffle table toward the end of the night, though. Man, my cousin thought of EVERYTHING! Between the dancing and the photobooth, it was NONSTOP FUN.

We also danced with this rubber chicken. (It's rubber -- so no real chickens were harmed in our dancing.)


  1. That looks like a great selection of foods to find at a non-vegan wedding.

  2. We were both dancing queens that night. Best wedding ever!